July 05, 2022


Adventures of Philip Galinsky

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Jesse Veritas
Adventures of Philip Galinsky
Utterly Unscripted
Adventures of Philip Galinsky

Show Notes

So, we are technically #uncensored, but we had to cut a word out.. SORRY! I promise, you probably won't even notice. 

The episode will be uncut and uncensored on our #Patreon page for After-Dark Patrons. 

Philip Galinsky is an Actor, Writer, Producer, Guru and voice-over artist who can be heard as the lead kidnapper in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5 with Jonah Hill, as well as a guest appearance on #Dora the Explorer. You've seen him in #law&orderSVU and probably didn't even know it! 

He's worked with one of my personal faves, Richard Kind so in my book, he's pretty fantastic. My chat with Philip is your invitation to the table. Bring your glass of (insert favorite beverage here) and strap in! 

Find Philip online http://www.philipgalinsky.com/

Support Bombas https://bombas.com - for every item of clothing you buy, a clothing item of the same kind is donated to someone who is unhoused.

During our conversation, we'll refer to the following links - Be sure to show your support! 

http://www.yourvostudio.com - Enjoy 50% off his Voiceover course for Utterly Unscripted listeners. Learn how to be a voiceover artist, develop confidence and set up your voice over business. 






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